Android VS. iOS
Android is different from iOS. Dog and Rooster's Android designers have the skills and experience to take full advantage of those differences.

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Android App Development Services

Our native Android app development services make certain that your application is at its best. Dog and Rooster ensures top performance speed and quality look and feel. Our developers navigate the different Android operating systems and updates (like Froyo, Kitkat and Marshmallow) so you don't have to.

Dog and Rooster Mobile is proud to offer a wide suite of native app development services, including Android app development. We pay close attention to the details that make Android the world’s fastest growing mobile platform. Dog and Rooster Mobile strengthens those traits with each app we produce.

How we do it.

We streamline your app,
ensuring that the core qualities and capabilities of the Android operating system are in place. Your app is hand crafted for elite performance.

Software Development Kit

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Software Development Kit

Dog and Rooster Mobile has extensive experience with the Android Software Development Kit.

Media APIs

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Media APIs

Dog and Rooster Mobile has the skills to use an assortment of media API’s and integrate location-based mapping technologies.

Google Play

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Google Play

Our Android application developers have years of proven experience in the Google Play Store.

Dog and Rooster Mobile’s approach to mobile apps is that they should improve the daily lives of the end-user.
Mobile apps should improve the daily lives of the end-user.
They should be as simple as possible to navigate. In every step, Dog and Rooster works to make this philosophy a reality. Our team makes certain that every graphical element designed boosts the end users' experience.